A flight through the map

A pleasure from the approach to the landing

Dear guests, welcome to our hotel restaurant, which we have newly renovated in 2016 and expanded by 30 seats in 2017. We are happy to serve you a variety of regional dishes as well as international delicacies. With our menu you can culinary after approaching and jumping from the ski jump- t i s c h , enjoy the flight and set a clean telemark landing. Ski heil! The meatless dishes are marked with a vegetarian in our menu. Please ask if we may arrange other components from the menu or serve the separate vegetarian/vegan menu.

Directions - Soups

A little pleasure beforehand

Jump - starters

Delicious appetizers

Salads are served with fresh baguette and your favorite dressing, either wild garlic mustard or raspberry aronia dressing.
Our junior suites, suites and apartments bear the names of famous World Cup ski jumping venues. On each of these ski jumps I had the pleasure of standing on the podium in international ski jumping competitions. Of course I remember it with pleasure and now I would like to share it with you. I invite you to a culinary tour through the world of ski jumping. Enjoy your meal.

Flight phase - main dishes

culinary impressions from four Olympic ski jumping venues

More main dishes inspired by famous World Cup venues

Landing - Desserts

Our desserts

Springer menu


Carrot-ginger soup with crispy garlic croutons

Main course

Tender pink roasted pork tenderloin on homemade gnocchi with peppers and green asparagus braised in the pan or Baked pike-perch fillet with herb-nut crust, creamy mashed potatoes and tossed wild broccoli


Fine chocolate mousse with raspberries and candied nuts
Price: 32,50 EUR

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