Our Relax-Lodge

"A retreat with lots of wood - to relax, to dream".

For our guests, a new relaxation room, which was opened on 22.12.2013, has created a unique feel-good atmosphere in the form of a log cabin. With additional facilities such as bio sauna and rasul bath, long-cherished wishes for even more variety came true. The house, the relaxation room, which can serve not only the rest between the sauna sessions is a space to relax and feel good – whether sauna fan or not.

What exactly is it?

A house, a cottage, a relax lodge. A lodge in the mountains.

How accurate is it?

A house that radiates warmth, with rooms where everyone knows: here you are at home. To rest, to find peace, to read, to relax, to look at the mountains…. With a fireplace where you can see the fire from every seat and a library with books, magazines and illustrated books. A house in the middle of nature, with a view of the two highest mountains of the Ore Mountains: the Fichtelberg and the Keilberg on the Czech side.


In our vitality center we have put together a wide range of massage and beauty services.

Those seeking peace and quiet are welcome in our wellness area. In a bathrobe or not. The Relax Lodge is the perfect place to relax after a visit to the Finnish sauna (around 90 °), bio sauna with fragrant pine wood (around 65 °) or the steam bath – but it is much more than that. With a cup of tea and a good book, you can spend the whole afternoon here looking at nature. The infrared sauna gondola outdoor requires an application, is also extra preheated in winter.

Opening hours

Daily from 3 p.m. (high season from 2 p.m.) until 9 p.m.


Use of Relax Lodge & the saunas for hotel guests free of charge

Our individual offer for you

With our individual range of result-oriented facial treatments, relaxing massages and soothing applications from head to toe, we can specifically address your skin care wishes. This is because in all of our cosmetic treatments, the care products are individually matched by our beautician to your skin type and your current skin condition, and the massages are adapted in intensity to your area of well-being. Talk to us about your wishes!

Cosmetic treatments

Treat yourself to physical and mental relaxation with our products and treatments, as well as pleasure that you feel on your skin directly after use.

We use excellent care products at the highest level “made in Germany”. All treatments listed below are equally suitable for men and women.

The following cosmetic treatments include cleansing, peeling, tonic, active ingredient ampoule, massage, mask, eye care and a final treatment.

  • Eye care treatment 65 €

    has a lifting and optical brightening effect, against dark circles under the eyes | 50 min

  • SPECIAL - Cosmetic 75 €

    has a firming and smoothing effect | 60 min

  • DELUXE - Cosmetic 90 €

    has a regenerating and balancing effect | 80 min

  • PURER LUXURY - Cosmetic 125 €

    high-quality products with caviar and 24-carat real gold, treat yourself to a particularly extensive massage and care treatment | 90 min

  • Additional offer 35 €

    all of the above treatments are also available with eyelash and eyebrow tinting & eyebrow plucking (please book in advance) | +30 min

Brow & eyelash styling
without cosmetic treatment

  • Brow & eyelash styling 50 €

    Plucking and shaping eyebrows, facial hair removal with wax (if required) and
    eyelash and eyebrow tinting | 50 min

  • Brow lift 60 €

    shaping and styling | 55 min

  • Eyelash lift 70 €

    65 min

  • Brows & eyelashes 120 €

    as a combination with a €10 discount | 120 min

Care for your hands

  • Manicure 50 €

    Beautiful and well-groomed hands and nails | 50 min

  • Manicure with coloured polish 65 €

    Beautiful and well-groomed hands and nails | 60 min

  • Paraffin bath 60 €

    rich care plus hand massage | 45 min

Care for your feet

  • Pedicure 50 €

    Cosmetic foot care | 50 min

  • Pedicure with coloured varnish 65 €

    Cosmetic foot care | 60 min

  • Paraffin bath 60 €

    intensive care plus foot massage | 45 min

  • Foot reflexology massage under "Massages 80 €

Full-body peelings

  • A soothing combination treatment for massage that immediately refines the skin's appearance and promotes circulation. It also has a firming, revitalising and cell-regenerating effect. This treatment is ideal before a massage.

  • Full body peeling glove 40 €

    25 min

  • Full body peeling with cane sugar or sea salt 45 €

    25 min


  • During our massages, we pamper your skin and senses with various aromatic oils and flavoured lotions. We are happy to customise the intensity to suit your area of well-being.

  • Full body relaxation - face incl. 105 €

    What a treat for the whole body! | 85 min

  • Full body relaxation - face incl. intensive 115 €

    has a stress-reducing and balancing effect | 85 min

  • Full-body relaxation 70 €

    harmonising and calming | 50 min

  • Full Body Relaxation Intensive 80 €

    intensified massage technique, loosening and activating | 50 min

  • Herbal stamp massage 90 €

    from head to toestimulates circulation and detoxifies | 50 min

  • Foot reflexology massage 80 €

    stimulating pressure point massage | 50 min

  • Hot stone back massage 85 €

    the hot stones have a warming and calming effect | 50 min

  • Clam Back Massage 55 €

    relaxing and loosening | 30 min

  • Back relaxation 80 €

    harmonising and calming | 30 min

  • Intensive Back Relaxation 55 €

    intensified massage technique, loosening and activating | 30 min

  • Facial massage with neck & décolleté 45 €

    This treatment is often booked in addition to our peelings and cosmetic treatments | 25 min

Healing mud body wraps

  • Healing mud is nature's miracle cure. PELOSE - is a highly pure freshwater sediment that has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and provides relief from rheumatic diseases as well as from complaints of the spine and the joint system. As a warming wellness application, the detoxifying, calming effect is pleasantly relaxing.

  • Back pack (only as a combined application with other offers) 40 €

    30 min

  • Full body wrap 70 €

    50 min

Oriental Rasul Bath

  • Enjoy an oriental Rasul bath in our steam bath cabin (2 seats). At the beginning, we serve you muds with different granulations, which you work into the skin yourself as a peeling. Finally, you care for yourself with a rich emulsion.

  • Single use 45 €

    50 min

  • for 2 persons (simultaneous treatment) je 40 €

    50 min

Feel free to inquire directly about our wellness offers on specific days:

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