Stoneman Miriquidi in the Ore Mountains

The mountain bike challenge

- 2 countries, 9 peaks, 4400 meters altitude difference

The mountain bike challenge in the Ore Mountains has a name: “Stoneman Miriquidi”. On his first visit to the Ore Mountains, MTB pro Roland Stauder was so impressed by the landscape and the people that it was soon clear: The German Stoneman belongs in the Ore Mountains! On the 162 kilometer long route, the nine highest peaks of the Ore Mountains have to be climbed: Bärenstein, Pöhlberg, Scheibenberg, Rabenberg, Auersberg and Fichtelberg. Three more are located on the Czech side: Blatenský vrch, Plešivec and Klínovec. In total, there are about 4,400 meters of altitude to climb. On each peak there is a stamp and an information board with a map and description of the next part of the route. The MTB route is signposted counter-clockwise. We are happy to be your host directly on the route and start and finish point for the tour on one, two or three days to receive the coveted trophy in gold, silver or bronze. Or you can decide for the “Open-Variant”, where you can take 4-6 days. You can also get the starter packages from us. you can find more information about the starter packages.

Handling starter beacon


Purchase package and have us confirm start date and time on finisher form> Purchase package


Now it's time to hit the trail: on the nine summits you will find information boards and punches where you need to punch your starter card


Once you have completed the Stoneman, please return the fully punched starter card to us and have your finish time stamped on the finisher form.


Now you will receive the trophy or stone in gold, silver or bronze, depending on the booked package and driving time. All "Open" finishers will receive their medal. We will report you as a successful finisher to the Stoneman Miroquidi team.


You will appear promptly on the official finisher list
On the homepage  www.stoneman-miriquidi.comyou can find more info and the different starter packages. Are you ready for the Stoneman Miriquidi? You can fill out the starter form here in advance, then the starter package will be ready when you arrive on the day of the race, saving us both some bureaucracy, reducing or eliminating the waiting time at the reception, and you can go straight to the track.

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