Our charging station for e-cars

Recharge your electric car during your stay at the Jens Weißflog Hotel

A charging station with a charging capacity of 2 x 11 kW (Type2 plug) is installed on the hotel premises. Simultaneous charging of two e-vehicles is thus possible. The cost per kWh is currently 52 cents. Payment is made directly to the provider has:to:be / be:energised, not to us. There are 2 options for this:

With charging card/fuel card

Sie bringen eine Ladekarte/Tankkarte Ihres Anbieters mit. Welche möglich sind, sehen Sie anhand der Liste der Roamingpartner. Es funktionieren jedoch in der Regel alle gängigen Karten.
Es gibt Karten, bei denen Kunden (Sie) günstigere Festpreisvereinbarungen getroffen haben. Diese überschreiben dann den Preis von 52 Cent.

Without charging card/fuel card

Without a charging card, please scan the QR code, confirm the terms and conditions and the authorization amount of €95.20 (is only the authorization amount specified for variable payments, only the actual consumption is debited!) and select the payment method stored in your cell phone (e.g. paypal, a credit card, etc.). Some customers have also already paid via an app by simply scanning the QR code on the charging station.


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